Commercial Anti-Slip Decking Projects

Here are some of the commercial decking project we have supplied Q-Grip slip resistant decking with GripDeck Technology to.

Commercial property owners have a duty of care to their customers and certain health and safety issues cannot be ignored. Poorly maintained decking can become slippery in wet conditions.

Anti slip decking not only provides some reassurance to proprietors of commercial properties but also opportunities. For public houses, hotels and restaurants the need to provide safe outdoor smoking areas is very important for maintaining continuity of trade. Due to the smoking ban, workplaces and many public amenity buildings need to now provide a safe outdoor area for people. In many cases this can be an improvement if well thought out both in terms of design but most importantly performance. A carefully considered commercial decking area can not only provide extra space for extra people/customers it can add to the buildings appeal and potential, by improving both the environment and profit. 

Q-Grip slip resistant decking with GripDeck Technology provides two anti slip decking boards with enhanced grip characteristics. Both are tested to BS7976 parts 1 & 2 and provide a 'low potential for slip' under classifications set out by the UK Slip Resistant Group. The enhanced grip is provided by injection applied strips of coarse aggregate that sit proud of the surface of the decking board.